Amy Winehouse’s Camden home up for sale for £2.7million

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05:49 GMT, 31 May 2012


13:48 GMT, 31 May 2012

Gone but not forgotten: Late singer Amy Winehouse’s Camden home is now up for sale

Following her death on July 23 last year, her Camden home was swamped with thousands of mourners wishing to pay tribute to the star.

But the home where Amy Winehouse lived and died is being sold by her father Mitch for £2.7million, according to reports.

The impressive Camden property, which is 2,500 square feet, has been listed just ten months after Amy passed away from alcohol poisoning.

The online estate agent describe the property as a ‘Substantial and impressive three double bedroom, three reception room semi detached period villa with well-proportioned private front and rear gardens, directly overlooking Camden Square and its communal gardens.’

The agent makes no mention of former owner Amy, who suffered battles with drink and drugs for the last years of her life.

The site notes the property has ‘ undergone major structural and cosmetic refurbishment retaining many
original features with modern upgrades including, new electrical and
heating systems, integrated sound system, CCTV and magnetically secured
front gate and an impressive Master Suite with vaulted ceiling.

A spokesperson for Mitch Winehouse told MailOnline: ‘The Winehouses have decided to put the house on the market, with great regret.

‘Amy loved that house but none of the family felt it appropriate that they should live in it.’

Amy’s place: The home where the singer lived, and died, is up for sale

Plush pad: The property boasts three large living areas

‘It was not practical to keep it empty
while paying for its upkeep. It is a wonderful place and will be a happy
family home for someone.’

It had been thought the property
would be used by the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which was set up by her
father following her passing.

Shortly after her death last year a source close to the family told The Sun: ‘They think it’s too precious to give up hence the new HQ idea. 

Rooms spare: The Camden home also has three large bedrooms with impressive views

‘They don’t want to rent it out. And if
they sold they think it could attract the wrong kind of buyer as it was
where Amy passed away.’

According to the paper Mitch bought the home for Amy in April 2010 paying £1.8million.

In the days after Amy’s death fans flocked outside her home to pay tribute to her in their own way.

Big pad: The home has over 2,500 square feet and has been renovated in recent years to a high standard

Private sanctuary: There are private gardens to the front and rear of the property

While many laid flowers, pictures and gifts other were seen drinking and dancing to celebrate her life.

On the day of the funeral well-wishers celebrated her life with a party.

Meanwhile Amy’s neighbours want to plant a rose garden in her memory to mark the first anniversary of her death.

Locals hope ‘Amy’s Garden’ will be a fitting tribute to the tragic star, who died last July aged 27.

They plan to ask her dad Mitch to
open it in Camden Gardens, opposite her north London pad, which is now
on the market for £2.7 million.

Plenty of space: The home has four floors and the master bedroom boasts an en suite and a dressing room

Remembering Amy: Shortly after her death fans flooded to Camden square to leave tributes and flowers

Friend Karl St Claire said: ‘Amy loved roses so the neighbours have been talking about chipping in and planting a rosebush for her and maybe getting a bench either side so people can go and sit there. They want to ask Mitch to plant it.

‘I think it would be a lovely place for people to go and remember her rather than hanging around outside her house and her memory really will live on.

Camden Square, where Amy lived for just a few months before she died from alcohol poisoning on July 23rd last year, has now become a shrine to the Rehab singer.

Some residents have complained to the council about graffiti, rubbish and damage to the trees in the area.

Grief-stricken: Amy’s parents visited her home in the wake of her death to view the tributes

Local road signs – which were defaced
and stolen by hardcore fans who residents have dubbed the ‘Am-ish’-
have had to be reinstalled higher up so fans cannot reach them.

One neighbour, who gave his name
Pete, said: ‘It felt a bit threatening in the days after Amy died, but
it seems to have quietened down a lot now.

‘You get groups of fans out there, but they’re mainly tourists. You still get a few freaky people, but it is Camden.

‘I feel sorry for whoever moves into
her house though. I wouldn’t want to live there. People are always
outside it and ringing the bell. It would drive me mad.’

Remembering her in their own way: Some fans left alcohol while others left street art on the signs

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Very nice, but who’s the ugly bloke in the frock?

Very nice house. But I guess successs, talent and wealth wasn’t enough. I thought they where going to turn it into a rehab centre?

Very nice house. But I guess successs, talent and wealth isn’t . I thought they where going to turn it into a rehab centre?

Such a talented young lady. I will always remember the day she died because it was my birthday. Rest in peace Amy.

Mitch has put on Twitter today that he’s not making money on the property, he’s stated it costs at the moment £25000 a month just to keep it funded (mortgage) and secured, and its just too much for them.

Mitch. A man who exploited his daughter in life, in death, and now rakes in her money. Hands up who thought he was ever going to donate it to anything or anyone…….. nah thought not. As for Russell Brand – don’t believe a WORD of it. He has a property in Hampstead already. His career is not doing so well, he has split with Katy Perry and he was slammed for his ‘performance’ in Arthur. His one trick pony comedy act has been milked for all it’s worth and he mad a big mistake trying to change his image. He has a good agent. He is not stupid. Of course he’s not going to buy Amy’s house – firstly a ghoulish idea, secondly financial idiocy, and thirdly logistic madness why would he want every person in the UK and all the tourists to Camden hanging outside his front door off the back of living in Amy’s house….. lunacy.

Oh, quelle surprise. So they won’t be converting it to a rehab, refuge, or shelter. And they won’t be donating it to a worthy cause who could afford to use the premises either…… how shocking this news will be to the residents of Camden. We were fond of Amy but not Mitch. All his words have been empty promises. As for the person asking why the house has gone up in value in a housing crisis – the answer is that in London property prices are still steadily increasing. However, the LEVEL of increase per annum still equates to a ‘crisis’ as people who invested in property expecting say a 12 – 14% increase in value per annum now find their ‘investment’ is only rising at a rate of say 6 – 8% (still over triple the base rate). But this fall in increase is considered a “disaster” for portfolio investors who could have diverted their funds elsewhere. However, the REAL disaster is for poor people who can’t afford their mortgages, have lost all their equity, and are in repossession.

We are constantly told the housing market is in a slump so how are they going to make 900k profit after only 2 years? Obviously does’nt apply to millionaires. Dont let Brand buy it though, cannot stand that wannabe!

If you look closely, you can make out a face on the corner of the 2nd floor window on the left.

I’d sell take the money and spend it dont waste it on alkies and druggies

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