Nearly 10000 Amsterdam homes listed on Airbnb

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Nearly 10,000 Amsterdam homes listed on Airbnb

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A massive 9,700 Amsterdam homes were advertised on Airbnb in September last year. Social Geography and Planning student Maarten Hogeweij analysed these almost 10 thousand adds and found that the more expensive an area is, the more homes are listed on the Airbnb site, Het Parool reports.

Nearly one in 13 of the homes in the area around Dam Square are listed for rent through Airbnb. Amsterdam-West is also an up and coming neighborhood on the site, with the Da Costabuurt, thee Frederik Hedrikbuurt and the Helmersbuurt all boasting many listings. Reigersbos is the least popular Amsterdam neighborhood, with only 4 of its 8,355 homes listed on the site.

The most expensive Amsterdam addresses on the site are located on the western side of the northern IJ banks. Visitors can expect to spend an average of 281 euros a night here.

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