Colliers Wood, actually: Residents outraged at ‘Wimbledon Reach’ £663000 two bed flats

Deer grazing in Richmond Park, the Wimbledon tennis championships, Wimbledon Common, the City of London, and no hint of the hated Brown and Root tower.

These are all things used to sell a six storey block of flats in Colliers Wood which outraged residents say is capitalising on its ‘posh’ neighbours and ignoring them.

A controversial development being built in Colliers Wood High Street has attracted derision from the area’s residents who say £663,200 for a two bedroom flat is pricing them out of the area.

The Brown and Root tower, pictured above. 

Stickers reading Colliers Wood, actually, have been spotted cropping up around the area in defiance of the flats’ name, Wimbledon Reach, pictured below.

Colliers Wood Residents’ Association chairman, Kevin Godding, said the name was rather amusing.

He said: “It is really funny to be honest and I guess they want to associate themselves with Wimbledon, it is the same as the Holiday Inn Express.

“However, it does worry me how much people are putting the prices up of housing in Colliers Wood.”

Councillor Nick Draper said: “It’s a bit sad that the Tower is airbrushed out. It’ll never be particularly beautiful, but I believe that by the time it’s finished we won’t be ashamed of it anymore.”

It is being re-developed into flats as well. 

Jackie Wilkin said: “These sort of prices are pushing young local people out of the area.

“Neither of my two children could afford to still live in Colliers Wood at these prices so they’ll have to move out of the area they’ve called home for 25 and 27 years.”

The listing has been temporarily suspended by the agent as it awaits for more information from developers. The agent did not want to comment.

But previously, as part of a marketing campaign, the company put together a promotional video with images to promote the property.

Among the shots used were deer grazing in Richmond Park, people enjoying the Wimbledon tennis Championships, piles of strawberries and cream, and families walking on what looks like Wimbledon Common.

Rightmove listed one of the two bedroom apartments for sale at 1b Wimbledon Reach for a whopping £663,200 even though the development is yet to be built.

In nearby Abbey Road, Colliers Wood, two bedroom flats are listed for sale for between £455,000 and £525,000.

There is no mention of re-development of Donald Hope Library on the ground floor of the flats.

In June last year, Merton Council approved the three storey re-development of the library, which is currently under construction.

The flats are not the only business to name themselves after its famous neighbours. Wimbledon Audi and the Wimbledon Brewery are both based in Prince George’s Road, Colliers Wood.

Mark Gordon, pictured with his family at the brewery launch last year.

Mark Gordon, who set up the brewery, said: “We’re proud to be in Colliers Wood.

“Our heritage and logo is built around the Wimbledon Brewery that was based in Wimbledon village.”

Mr Godding, whose family run Coffee in the Wood in Colliers Wood High Street, added: “I have lived in Colliers Wood my whole life but it is very sad that houses have to go for that much.

“My kids are at an age where they want to be buying their own house but how are they ever going to afford that?

“I find it very depressing. The good news is we are getting a new library and we look forward to that opening.”

Wimbledon Reach was described by the agent as offering 54 spectacular one, two and three bedroom apartments and penthouses within a secure gated environment, offering a superb choice of contemporary living space.

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