Northumberland wedding venue listed among the UK’s quirkiest

A north Northumberland wedding venue has gained fame for being ‘truly quirky’.

Doxford Barns, near Alnwick, which has only been open for seven months, has been included on new website Truly Quirky Wedding Venues, among the likes of stately homes, country cottages, a museum and woodland tipis and yurts.

The threshing hall at Doxford Barns

It describes the converted barns on the family-run, working farm as ‘an exciting, truly unique and unusual wedding barn venue … complete with quirk-some cottage, camping pods and swans!’

The honour was announced on the Doxford Barns Facebook page and business owner Richard Shell said: “We are delighted to announce that we have been selected to become part of Truly Quirky Wedding Venues’ fantastic website! Their mission is to find the most unusual wedding ‪‎venues‬ in the UK and if there’s something we are proud of, it’s our quirkiness!”

The spacious 550acre farm retreat allows couples to choose from five different ceremony areas, including a rustic threshing hall and beside a beautiful lake, where seven friendly swans patrol – Lynne and Rupert love to photo-bomb! Animals are welcome to attend the special occasions, with a horse and an 11ft albino Burmese python being among the most unusual invitations so far.

It was officially opened by one of the farm horses chewing through a 24-carrot ‘ribbon’ in July last year.

The Great Barn at Doxford Barns.

The Great Barn at Doxford Barns.

The TQWV website entry continues: ‘Wedding barns with a difference are few and far between, sadly many of them look the same and offer nothing out of the ordinary, not Doxford Barns! This unusual wedding barn is situated on a private and secluded country estate in unspoilt countryside where your wedding can be spread over three days. The venue is exclusive to you and your guests from the first to the last day which creates a relaxed vibe.’