Carcraft closure: What you need to know if you’re a customer and out of pocket

Dozens of Carcraft customers attempting to find out what the firm’s closure means for them have contacted the M.E.N. in a last-ditch attempt to get information.

Thousands of motorists have been left out of pocket and 500 jobs have been lost after the shock closure of the Rochdale-based car supermarket.

Many customers say they’ve been given little – or no information – after the news.

Anyone who has the firm’s warranty, MOT, servicing or roadside assistance deal with their Carcraft car is no longer covered.

We asked administrators Grant Thornton a number of questions to help customers find out what happens next.

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Some are worried about finance plans for their cars, as well as service plans and extras, including financed MOTs.

Fortunately, as finance plans for cars themselves are provided by a third-party, they, as yet, won’t be affected.

Administrators said Carcraft customers with the firm’s Drive Happy Plans – packages which cover a warranty, MOT, servicing and roadside assistance – would no longer be covered.

Bosses said more information on the plans would be available on in due course. But the site has since been taken down.

Dominic Salter
Carcraft, Rochdale has gone into administration
30th April 2015
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We’ve asked the questions you want answering. This is what Grant Thornton has told us…

If I have a finance deal, an MOT, a service plan, or a warranty with Carcraft, what happens now?

Carcraft did not provide finance. This was provided by third-party funders and a sister company; All In One Finance Limited, which is not yet in administration.

Carcraft is not in a position to fulfil the other services listed. It is our intention to explore whether an alternative provider is prepared to offer this service to customers at competitive rates.

If I have bought a car from Carcaft recently, having paid my deposit, and being due to pick up my car in the next few days, what happens?

We are currently working to better understand the volume and nature of orders outstanding where deposits may have been paid. Customers who have paid a deposit for a car can contact the administrators via

What will happen with all the thousands of cars out on the lots?

Many of the cars are owned by finance houses on stocking plans who will recover their assets and deal with as they see fit.

Many of these, and the remaining unencumbered stock, will be realised over the following weeks through auction houses.

What happens to customers with a Drive Happy Plan?

As circumstances will differ, customers concerned about their Drive Happy Plan should contact for guidance.

How can I find out more information?

A helpline has been set up for customers 0800 923 9495.

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