Out with the old houses and in with the new for Plymouth’s Devonport in 2015

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‘OUT with the old and in with the new’ is the Devonport motto for 2015 – as one set of flats comes crashing down, another development goes up.

Developers Mount Wise (Devon) Ltd have contractors putting the finishing touches to 89 new dwellings on its waterside patch.

Pictures taken by The Herald show the completed exteriors of the homes, with street features, such as plants and flower beds, already installed.

The former Ministry of Defence headquarters in Mount Wise – dubbed ‘The Village by the Sea’ – benefited from an extra £7million of Government funding in 2014 to help reignite the project and provide homes either side of the Grade II listed Admiralty House.

But as those properties go up, Granby Way in Devonport continues to be demolished.

It is now possible to see a cross-section of some of the flats, along with retro wallpapers – as parts of the properties are sliced away.

Three-storey town houses are set to be built in their place, in keeping with the housing development on the other side of the road.

The grey flats of Granby Green are also no longer as they were smashed to rubble to be redeveloped and make way for 101 new homes.

Blocks of flats will also be placed either side of a new street going through Granby Green linking into Marlborough Street.

Linden Homes is carrying out the development.

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