Wiesenthal Center lists top 10 anti-Semitic events of 2014

Refusing to give medical treatment, supporting murderers of Jews and a rapist who seeks out Jews — those are three of the 10 items in the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list published Monday of the 10 most significant anti-Semitic events in 2014.

Simon Wiesenthal Center dean and founder Marvin Hier said the list was made to show how anti-Semitic remarks made by leaders trickle down to the masses.

The first item on the list is about a Belgian doctor who refused to treat a 90-year-old Jewish woman’s fractured rib, telling her son who called on her behalf to “send her to Gaza for a few hours, then she will get rid of the pain.” The doctor then said, “I am not coming,” and hung up.

The second item on the list was the honor given by Jordan’s parliament to the perpetrators of the Kehilat Bnei Torah terrorist attack. A group of Jordanian parliamentarians said a prayer and honored the men who came into the Jerusalem synagogue with cleavers and axes and went on a rampage, killing four worshippers and wounding seven before being stopped by a policeman, who later succumbed to his wounds from the fighting.

The Jordanian MP’s had a moment of silence for the killers and read the verses: “To glorify their pure souls and the souls of all the martyrs in the Arab and Muslim nations.”

Other items listed include a Hungarian mayor hanging effigies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former President Shimon Peres and calling Israel a terrorist state, and the growing hatred of Israel in U.S. academia.

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