More historic buildings in Gloucester are listed

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MORE historic buildings and monuments in Gloucester have been protected by a listed status

English Heritage have designated a church and two monuments in the city as being listed as Grade II.

The Church of the Holy Trinity in Longlevens, the War Memorial at St Swithun’s Church in Hempsted and a headstone at the Church of St Lawrence at Barnwood have now been listed.

This brings the total number of listed buildings and monuments Gloucester to 662.

Gloucester City Council Leader, Paul James, said: “Gloucester has a wealth of history and there are interesting and fascinating things to see and find around almost every corner you care to look.

“It is important that our heritage is looked after and protected which is what these designations are designed to do.”

The Holy Trinity Church was completed in 1934. It is described by English Heritage as a “pleasing rendition of a stripped-back perpendicular Gothic style constructed of local materials.”

The English Heritage report said the interior fittings are not only high quality in design and execution but form a remarkably complete suite of contemporary fittings.

It also said the War Memorial at St Swithun’s Church is “an eloquent witness to the tragic impact world events have on an individual community.”

The monument at Barnwood’s Church of St Lawrence is described by English Heritage as a “rare example of pre-1650 headstones that illustrates the history of the churchyard.”

“It exhibits good quality and includes an epitaph in Latin,” said the English Heritage report.

The designations mean that in order to preserve their heritage and special features no changes can be made to the buildings and their surroundings without listed building consent from the local council.

Jason Smith, managing director of Marketing Gloucester, said: “Anything to improve or give publicity to the city’s heritage is a good thing. A recent survey showed that historical attractions are one of the biggest reasons why people come to Gloucester.

“Gloucester has more listed buildings than York, and people in the city recognise that we have a very rich history. This news is important for both tourists and local people as well.”

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