One of Britain’s most historic houses in the Kirklees Estate goes on sale for …

Carr House was last sold in 2009 for £1m and the whole estate was sold for around £7m to a private buyer in February 2013 – the first time it was put on sale in 450 years.

The entire estate belonged to the Armytage family from 1565 and Lady Margaret Armytage, who died in 2008, was the the last to live in the grounds.

She moved in 1997 to a smaller property next to the Kirklees Priory, where Robin Hood is fabled to have died.

The folk hero who robbed the rich to feed the poor is thought to have bled to death in the grounds after being betrayed by the Abbess of Kirklees in the 1200s.

The Robin Hood story has been retold and mis-heard over centuries and it is not known exactly what happened to his remains.

Legend has it that Hood fired a bow from his bed at the Priory, despite being weakened by old age, and requested to be buried where the arrow landed.

Three other historic listed houses on the incredible Kirklees Priory, which has manicured grounds and woodlands, are also for sale and cost between £425,000 and £625,000.

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