Mapping 16 Eichler Houses For Sale Right This Very Second


Residences built by midcentury stud Joseph Eichler, a California developer who churned out housing tracts in the post-war boom, are so popular that, out of more than 11,000 houses with name-dropping rights, it’s commonplace that only 10 to 20 of them are on the market at a time. Beloved for their shallow A-frame roofs, single-story frames, and indoor atriums—features that came to define “California Modern”—Eichler designs (especially lovingly restored ones) flicker on and off the market with such alacrity that there are entire sites devoted to informing the modernism-loving populace when an Eichler is up for grabs. Below, the 16 Eichlers on the market today, ranging from a mysterious single-family home asking $475K in San Francisco to a line of sun-slapped, kidney-pool’d stunners in Palo Alto.

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