Conference Cambridge event wins bring £5m boost to local economy

Conference Cambridge event wins bring £5m boost to local economy


Venue consortium and agency for Cambridge University and the Colleges, Conference Cambridge, has listed six international conference wins, attracting 2,800 delegates to the city. 
Collectively worth £1.2m and a further £5m to the local economy, the residential conferences include the 16th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics organised by the British Society for Strain Measurement 2014, for 400 delegates for five days; British Association for Psychopharmacology 2014, for 300 delegates for five days; European Finance Association 2013, for 750 delegates for four days; Cambridge University Society for Parasitology 2014, for 350 delegates for four days; European Association for Body Psychotherapists 2012, for 400 delegates for seven days; and an international hi-tech company bringing 600 delegates for three days later in 2012.
All of the events will involve several venues to accommodate the official conference programme and social events.
“The value of the business it will bring, and the impact it will have on the local economy, is very significant and a great boost to the city,” said Manager at Conference Cambridge, Kelly Vickers. “Being able to accommodate these larger events by using multiple venues in a co-ordinated programme means that we can compete, and succeed, in the national and international event marketplace.”
Conference Cambridge was established in 1998 and represents 36 venues including 28 Cambridge colleges, as well as University sites, Faculty buildings, Cambridge University Press and the Møller Centre. A total of 550 function rooms and 6,500 bedrooms are available.
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30 Apr 12

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