Deal closes on Carson Palmer’s house


The economy may be struggling, but there is still a solid market out there for five-bedroom houses with a solarium, pond, and putting green in the Cincinnati area.

The sale of Carson Palmer’s house, originally listed for $2.1 million, closed on Wednesday according to Channel 9 in Cincinnati.

It is hard to imagine Palmer returning to the Bengals now after everything that has happened this offseason, but we’ve seen too many offseason player-team wars end with a peace accord to assume anything yet.

We’ll be a little sad if Palmer never takes another snap for Cincinnati.  Early in his career, Palmer appeared to be kickstarting a new era of prosperity for the woe-begotten franchise.

It seemed like the January 2006 home playoff game against Kimo Von Oelhoffen and the Steelers was the start of something big. Instead, it the franchises fortunes seemed to turn south once again when the whistle blew that day.

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