Three businesses short-listed for IOM Newspapers technology excellence award

Date Posted: 18/Nov/2010 11:06
By: Bill Dale


THREE companies which have used technology to enhance their businesses have been nominated for this evening’s IOM Newspapers Awards for Excellence at the Villa Marina.


Manx Independent Carriers, Strix Ltd and Intelligence Ltd have been short-listed for the award which is sponsored by Collins Stewart.


Manx Independent Carriers uses a bespoke technology system for tracking parcels and freight, approved by major global companies such as UPS, Fedex and Citylink.


Michael Coleman sad, “The success is such that the new system has greatly improved customer service and has been featured in case studies in the UK, giving the company fantastic publicity as innovators on a global stage.”


Strix Ltd has always been at the forefront of innovation and excellence in new technology. The firm is the world’s biggest manufacturer of kettle controls, thermostats and elements, used a billion times a day around the planet.


Nick Mawby of Strix says that the company has now developed a unique patented connector and control system which has won prestigious awards and granted a ‘recommended’ status by he Energy Saving Trust.


Strix has sold more than half a million of the components and anticipates sales of more than  five million over the next two to three years.


Intelligence Limited is a company specialising in business technology expertise which was set up in 2002.


The business supplies innovative and cost effective solutions to business problems and strategy issues. Intelligence Ltd has also developed a new product  – a tracking an analysis tool which enables companies to track the effectiveness and efficiency of expenditure on advertising and PR.


Steve Woodford said, “This innovative product has the potential to revolutionise corporate approaches to marketing, advertising and brand development.”



The award will be presented by Dermot Hammill of Collins Stewart.



The Isle of Man Newspapers annual Awards for Excellence can be seen this evening online at:-   Then click on live stream.


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